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Anonymous Access in SharePoint 2007

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A Farm Administrator can enable anonymous access to a web application through the Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers > Edit Authentication.

Once enabled , site collection administrators can enable  anonymous access through Site Settings > Advanced permissions for the site collection. On the “Permissions” form select Settings + Anonymous Access to enable one of the the three settings:


By default these settings will apply to all sites within the site collection through permission inheritance.

At any of the sites within the site collection anonymous access settings can be changed. To do this go to the site settings for a site in the site collection and select Advanced Permissions, then select the Actions + Edit Permissions menu command.

A message box will be displayed noting that “You are about to create unique permissions for this Web Site. Changes made to the parent Web Site will no longer affect this web site”. Click OK to make the change. You can then choose the Settings + Anonymous Access to set the anonymous access level to one of the three settings shown above.

So, that’s how you can change anonymous access at the site level. Now onto controlling access at the list or library level. First, navigate to a library or list for which you want to configure anonymous access. Select the Settings + Document Library Settings menu command, then choose the Permissions for this document library link. By default the library will inherit permissions from its parent site. To allow permission changes to the library select Actions + Edit Permissions. You can now select the Settings + Anonymous Access to control permissions for anonymous users:


You can revert back to inheriting permissions from the parent by selecting the Actions + Inherit Permissions menu on the “Permissions” form for a document library or list.



Written by Nick Grattan

July 18, 2007 at 7:50 am

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  1. Regarding your post above. I have an issue when trying to “inherit permissions from parent”. I currently had a site with a bunch of subsitse. While attempting to juggle the permissions and see what works and what doesn’t I encountered a huge problem. Please let me know if you ran into this since I believe you have tried what I WAS trying but you seem to have no problem.

    1. Navigate to a site
    2. Site Actions
    3. Site Settings
    4. Modify All Site Settings
    5. Site Libraries and Lists
    6. Customize Images
    7. Select a group (I have Active Directory defined groups opposed to sharepoint ones)
    8. Select actions
    9. Click inherit permissions from Parent
    10. Say ok to the warning message

    What I see then is an error on the page. I refresh or go “back” and the entire site I was just working with has been deleted or at least it has disappeared from view. All links to that site on various pages error out. Page is NOT found in any of the SharePoint directories.

    Have you ever seen this? Do you have any idea why inheriting permissions for a group would completely delete the site and all subsites to it?


    Libby Smith

    December 6, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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