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Advanced Search – Filter by PDF Documents

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Question: Indexing and searching can be enabled for PDF documents by installing the PDF IFilter downloadable from Once this has been done, how is it possible to perform an advanced search only on PDF documents?

Answer: This can be done by adding a new item to the “Result type” dropdown on the “Advanced Search” page; in this case the entry will be called “PDFs”:


To do this:

1. Navigate to the “Advanced Search” page.

2. Select Site Actions + Edit Page.

3. Select edit + Modified Shared Web Part for the “Advanced Search” web part.

4. Expand out the “Properties” section, click in “Properties” edit box and select the “ellipses” button to edit the XML document specifying the entries in the “Result Type” drop down list:


5. Locate the last “ResultType” element (which will probably be for “Presentations”) and insert a copy of  this element at the end of the XML document before the “ResultTypes” closing tag.

6. Edit this new “ResultType” element for PDF files. In particular, note that the Query element for “FileExtension” must be changed to PDF:


7. Save and publish these changes.

Once completed, the new entry will be displayed and this allows a search to now be performed only in PDF documents.






Written by Nick Grattan

August 22, 2007 at 4:16 pm

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