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Customizing Site Catagories

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In MOSS 2007 sites can be categorized by “Division” or “Region”. When creating a site the user can categorize the site:


Checking “List this new site in the site directory” will add an item to the “Sites” list in the “Sites” site and the site will therefore be listed in the Site Directory.

You can change the categories in “Division” or “Region” to suite your own organization. This is done by editing the “Division” or “Region” column in the “Sites” list in the “Sites” site.

Not so obvious are the following customizations:

  1. You can rename “Division” or “Region” and this change will be reflected when you add a new site and in the site directory.
  2. You can add new “Choice” type columns to the “Sites” list and these will then be available for categorization.
  3. You can delete the “Division” or “Region” columns if they do not apply to you.

For example, you could add a new Choice column called “Department” and add some choices to this. It will now appear in the Site Directory:


The choice type uses a combo box when a site is created since multiple selection was prohibited when the column was created:




Written by Nick Grattan

January 10, 2008 at 10:23 am

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