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Microsoft Azure to offer Machine Learning Services – Preview July 2014

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Machine Room” Microsoft Azure Machine Learning combines power of comprehensive machine learning with benefits of cloud”

“Machine learning today is usually self-managed and on premises, requiring the training and expertise of data scientists. However, data scientists are in short supply, commercial software licenses can be expensive and popular programming languages for statistical computing have a steep learning curve. Even if a business could overcome these hurdles, deploying new machine learning models in production systems often requires months of engineering investment. Scaling, managing and monitoring these production systems requires the capabilities of a very sophisticated engineering organization, which few enterprises have today.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a fully-managed cloud service for building predictive analytics solutions, helps overcome the challenges most businesses have in deploying and using machine learning. How? By delivering a comprehensive machine learning service that has all the benefits of the cloud. In mere hours, with Azure ML, customers and partners can build data-driven applications to predict, forecast and change future outcomes – a process that previously took weeks and months.”

See this blog post from: Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Machine Learning at Microsoft

Written by Nick Grattan

June 20, 2014 at 3:22 pm

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